What we do.

Recognized as a highly respected workroom to the trade, we approach each project with meticulous care in craftsmanship, customer service and design. Being master problem solvers, we look forward to helping you with any unique set of challenges your project may present.


Our team has years of experience working side by side with architects, builders, and other industry leaders to bring the designers’ and clients’ ideas to life. Designers say collaborating with us is a little like having a workroom right inside their studios.


Since no two projects are alike, on site consultations and professional measures are key to smooth and successful projects. Designers have come to trust and rely on our advice regarding all aspects of the project.


We make everything in our Boston area workroom. Our seamstresses have years of experience and their fine sewing skills are evident in all of our finished products. Whether it’s the hand sewn side hems with special waxed thread, or the delicate fabric that needs a bit more patience, our talented workroom staff knows just what to do.


Whether installing draperies or automated shades, installation is more than just hanging a piece of hardware or a few brackets. Having an innate understanding of how fabrics should be handled is the key to a beautiful end result. With decades of installation experience, we can promise you neat, polite and efficient service. We will treat your client’s home as if it were our own. Thread services Boston, the Cape and Islands, New England and beyond.